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Costa Rica

Camping Guide

Are you dreaming of a Costa Rica camping roadtrip, but can't find any information on camping? Then look no further! This travel guide answers all your questions on camping, safety, and offroading in Costa Rica. It is time to prepare for your unforgettable Costa Rica roadtrip.


Save money on accomodation

Explore Costa Rica off the beaten path

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Travel safely through the wilderness

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Get a 10% discount for Nomad America

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Beautiful Campsite
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Dry River Crossing
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This 170-page Camping Guide has all the information for an unforgettable

offroad roadtrip!

28 Campsites​​

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16 Offroad Trails

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4-Week Itinerary

4x4 Beginner's Guide

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Victoria Powell

As a big wild camper (although usually in a van), I love getting off the beaten tourist track. This book has become my go-to guide for camping in the wilderness, not just for Costa Rica, but in general - I never thought to include red lights on my packing list until now!


Annika Ledeboer

Costa Rica's beauty really comes alive on (e-)paper. I especially appreciate the practical approach and easy-to-apply advice. 

– Thank you Anna and Lucas!


Kent Babin

The preeminent guide to all things off the beaten path in Costa Rica. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a more meaningful way to travel in the age of social media.

Ready for your Costa Rica Offroad Adventure? 

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