Which gear do you use for filming?

Currently we use the Canon 5d Mark IV with different lenses, the DJI Mavic Air, and the GoPro 8. Our entire gear can be found here: https://kit.co/LucasTJahn/filmmaking

What do you take on your trips?


  • GPS Beacon
  • UHF Radio
  • Food & water for several days
  • Local Maps
  • Offline-navigation app maps.me
Convenience Vehicle Camping
  • Tent, chairs, cooking equipment etc.
  • Red lights against bugs
  • Campground app: iOverlander

How did you get started with your documentaries?

By chance, more or less. Lucas had been making videos for many years, sometimes documenting his travels in short films and sometimes reviewing camera equipment. After we traveled through Australia for one year, and had accumalted a lot of footage, we decided to create our own travel documentary. The initial purpose was for us to remember our travels, once the memories started to fade. Very soon we realised that people enjoyed watching this Australia documentary, and that's when we decided to continue producing travel documentaries whenever we would explore a country thoroughly.

How can you afford to travel?

We are working full-time and save as much money as we can. Once or twice a year we go on a longer trip which we then turn into a travel documentary.

Did you go to film school?

No, neither of us went to film school. Anna studied European languages and art history, while Lucas studied Communication Science.

How do you plan your trips?

We try not to overplan. Often, we discover the most magical places by chance. A certain amount of spontaneity is very important for us. Sometimes, we do not even know where we will spend the first night upon arrival. At the same time, we read up about the places we visit beforehand. We know roughly what there is to see, and calculate how many days we can spend in one area or another. We always carry a travel guide with background information directing us towards the highlights a country has to offer.