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Gibb River Road, Australia

Beach Camp Carate, Costa Rica

Hellfire Bay, Australia

Denali, USA

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Rees-Dart Track, New Zealand

Morraine Lake, Canada



Last Chance to See

Improve Yourself!

Hi, I am Lucas – nice to meet you!


Together with my wife Anna, I create travel documentaries on YouTube.

The first camera I picked up was my father’s ‘dad cam‘. I had no idea about composition or proper editing, but occasionally shooting videos became a hobby. Some years later I created my own YouTube channel, shooting tech reviews and the first travel videos. Most of my videos were short, without narration, resulting in little engagement.

After traveling around Australia for one year, and accumulating plenty of footage, I had the thought to create one long video so we would always remember our journey.


The idea of a
travel documentary was born.

After working on the script for months, selecting footage, editing, and sound designing, I finally pressed the export button. Once uploaded to YouTube, we watched the film with all our family and friends. But most surprisingly: Other people started to watch the documentary too, reminiscing about their own trips or feeling inspired to explore Australia themselves.

Since that first Australia Travel Documentary, we created several more documentaries and started to write travel guides about Costa Rica and Estonia so that others can experience their own Rugged Roadtrips.

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