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Australia's Craziest Road - Jacob's Ladder

Australia is a paradise for roadtrips. Countless fascinating and adventurous trails cross the vast Australian landscapes. From dusty outback gravel roads to muddy jungle tracks, Australia has much to offer. But one road outshines them all - Jacob's Ladder in Tasmania's Ben Lomond National Park.

Jacob's Ladder is a strikingly winding mountain road. The six switchbacks of the 'ladder' make for a stunning view into the valley below. To get to Jacob's Ladder, you'll drive east from Launceston on the C401 until you reach Ben Lomond National Park. Make sure to engage four-wheel drive on your vehicle before attempting the drive. Don't go faster than the speed limit of 30 km/h - anything else could end in disaster. Should you encounter a vehicle driving downhill, make sure to give way as it is easier to drive uphill than downhill. Going downhill, it is advisable to shift into a low gear to use your engine brake. In order to drive Jacob's Ladder, you are obliged to carry snow chains between June and September.

Once you reached the top, make sure to take a break and take in the view of the road beneath. A windy viewing platform grants you a great perspective on the surrounding landscape.

Once you made it to the top of Jacob's Ladder, the road leads you all the way up the Ben Lomond Plateau where you will come upon Tasmania's only ski resort. Because the mountains are not very high, the winter season is short. Also, the mountain is only suitable for beginners as the slopes are rather short and not very challenging.

Definitely make sure to take a walk across the snow-covered landscape if you are visiting in winter! There are several hiking trails in the area.

Driving Jacob's Ladder is one of the best roadtrip experiences in all of Australia. Enjoy your trip and stay safe!


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