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Camping in Estonia? Here are our 5 favourite campsites!

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

If you plan to go camping in Estonia, you can choose among hundreds of free campsites scattered around the country. During our three-week Estonia roadtrip we camped throughout the country. Here are our five favourite campsites!

1. Lake Liivjärve Campfire Site

Location: Illuka Municipality, Kurtna Lakes GPS: 59.304525; 27.562592 One of many campsites in the area, this serene campsite lies next to a lake and offers plenty of space. The large parking lot is perfectly suited for camper vans, while the area around the lake is ideal for tent camping. Two picnic tables and fire pits allow campers to prepare their dinner. Early in the morning, a swim in the lake is very refreshing.

2. Lõunalaagri Campfire Site

Location: Voropi Village, Setomaa Municipality, Võru County GPS: 57.844638; 27.638778

A very remote campsite in the southeast of Estonia, that is accessible on a small forest trail. The Russian border is just a couple hundred meters away. Occasionally, you can hear trains on the Russian side. The campsite is nestled away in the forest, close to what formerly was a small lake (it has dried up in recent years). The trees are perfectly suited to put up a hammock. The campsite is well-suited for tent camping, camper vans have to park a little further down the trail.

3. Krapi Campsite

Location: Häädemeeste Municipality, Pärnu County GPS: 57.938893; 24.390877 A large camping area along the shores of the Baltic Sea. There are many possible spots to camp here, with a large number of campfire sites and picnic tables. Compared to the inland campsites, it is significantly more windy. The sea is very shallow and perfectly suited for swimming. The Latvian border is only a couple kilometers down the road. There is a lot of space for tent-camping and camper vans.

4. Matsiranna Campsite

Location: Lääneranna Municipality, Pärnu County GPS: 58.370370; 23.738224 A very scenic campsite area along the shore of the Baltic Sea, not far from the town of Pärnu. There is plenty of space to set up tents or camp in a camper van. The shore line is suitable for going on a stroll, and the shallow sea beckons you for a swim. You can put up a hammock in the pine trees that shelter the campsite. Due to its location along the shore, it can get windy here.

5. Meiuste Campsite

Location: Meiuste Village, Saaremaa municipality GPS: 58.594880; 22.610606 A very sheltered campsite area on the northern coast of Estonia’s largest island Saaremaa. Situated within a bay and under trees this remote camp is a place of serenity and calm, with much less wind blowing than elsewhere along the shoreline of Estonia. The bay is well-suited to go for a swim.

Bonus Tip: Always check out the app from RMK to find more campsites near you!


Ready to explore Estonia? Then watch our travel documentary on Youtube:

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