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Portugal Travel Documentary

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Follow us on our rugged roadtrip through Portugal! Known for its beautiful beaches and scenic cliffs - Portugal surprised us with its variety of landscapes including ice-covered peaks, rainy forests, and granite hillscapes. For 5 weeks, we drove more than 4,800 km around the country, visiting it from north to south and discovering as much of its beauty as we could in our WorldCruiser 2 from Tom's Fahrzeugtechnik.

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20 thg 2

I want to say thank you to you both for the Portugal documentary. You are right to call it a documentary rather than a road trip video because of the work you put in to it which separates it from the many home made videos on YouTube. The honesty - dealing with drug pushers in Porto for example - separates you from the routine reviews. Also whatever you paid and the 20 hours you invested in obtaining the drone filming license was worth the effort because the results are spectacular. I am also in awe of your off road Toyota. I shall follow your other travel documentaries. As someone who aged 18 went to work in the local tax office…

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