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Is this Namibia's best campsite? - Rooiklip Guest Farm

Updated: May 3, 2023

If you plan to go on a Namibia self-drive safari roadtrip, there is one campsite you should make sure to put on your bucket list. This unique campsite has you camp under a rock overhang looking onto the wide plain of the Namib desert.

The marvelous Rooiklip Guest Farm can be found southwest of the capital of Windhoek and close to the beautiful Gamsberg Pass. The property is only accessible on a 17km long bumpy offroad track, that branches off the gravel road between Lüderitz and Rehoboth/Windhoek. In order to get here, a sturdy 4x4 is highly recommended.

Plenty of Wildlife

Even though the drive is challenging, you will likely be rewarded with spotting some wildlife along the trail. We spotted some Kudus, Bat-eared Foxes, and a monitor lizard soaking up the last rays of sunshine on the roadside. The area is also populated by baboons, springbok and oryx antelopes.


Once you arrive at the Rooiklipp Guest Farm, you will receive a warm welcome by the owners of the property, a German couple who moved to Namibia thirty years ago. In years of hard work, they built up the property in the harsh environment of the Namib desert. The result is nothing short of marvellous. A lot of love to detail went into crafting the stone buildings that make up the special character of the place.

The Campsite

Rooiklipp Guest Farm has three campsites tucked away under a massive rock overhang. We stayed at campsite Nr. 3 on the far right side, which is nicely sheltered on all sides. After a steep access climb, for which you‘ll have to engage low range on your 4x4, you‘ll set up camp underneath a rock overhang.

The View

It is likely you will be woken up early in the morning by one of the cheeky birds singing melodious songs at an impressive noise level. For getting up early, you will be rewarded with a magnificent view onto the Namib Desert landscape ahead of you. We set up our camping chairs and marvelled at the view while the sun slowly crept up. What better way to have a morning coffee?

The Amenities

The bathroom facilities are hewn into the stone, but both the rock toilet and the rock shower have running water. Enjoy your early morning shower being warmed by the sun rays of the Namibian sun looking out into the vastness of Namibia's landscape.


Among the many great campsites we encountered in Namibia, Rooiklipp Guest Farm stood out in many ways. Aside from the marvellous views, adventurous access path, and spectacular rock overhang, we enjoyed the attention to detail of the bathroom facilities. For us, the answer is clear: this is Namibia's best campsite!


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